How Much Is Me, and How Much Is My Bipolar Disorder?

I recently read this article about bipolar disorder and it really made me think about the impact of the disorder in my life. It’s so hard to tell how much of my behavior and emotions are caused by my bipolar disorder and how much is just me. It’s like I’m constantly trying to find a balance between the two. The article made me realize that it’s important to take time to explore my own feelings and behaviors and to recognize when I need to take extra care of myself when I’m struggling with bipolar disorder. This article is a great reminder that understanding the impact of my bipolar disorder is an essential part of my self-care.


It’s so true that bipolar disorder can make it really hard to tell how much of our behavior and emotions are actually based on the disorder. The article gives great advice about taking time to explore our own feelings and behaviors, and to recognize when we may need extra care. Like you said, this is an important part of self-care. It can also be incredibly helpful to talk to a mental health professional or even a trusted friend or family member who understands the impact of bipolar disorder in order to get another perspective. Knowing when and how to seek help is key!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience. It can be hard to distinguish between our own thoughts and feelings and those caused by bipolar disorder. However, it is important to take the time to self-reflect in order to better understand the effects of our disorder on us. This article is a great reminder that taking care of ourselves is an important part of managing our emotional health. Taking moments to appreciate how far we have come in understanding our bipolar disorder can help us make conscious choices about our mental health.

My experience with bipolar disorder is similar in that it’s hard to discern how much of our behavior and emotions are due to the disorder versus our own personal characteristics. I think this article is a wonderful reminder of how important it is to take time to explore our thoughts and feelings, and recognize when extra care is needed. I believe learning how to navigate the ups and downs of bipolar disorder is essential for successful self-management.