How is TikTok changing the way we talk about mental health?

This article really got me thinking about the potential impact that TikTok can have on mental health awareness and discourse. The platform has opened up an entirely new outlet for young people to discuss mental health in a way that isn’t as stigmatised or shamed as it has been in the past. It’s amazing to see that people are not only finding comfort in connecting with others online but are also able to find a platform on which to speak about their experiences, bringing greater awareness to mental health issues and destigmatising them. It’s also great that professionals are using the platform to provide resources and advice to young people, creating a more educated and informed audience. I think it’s incredibly important that we continue to use social media platforms to discuss mental health and create awareness, so that it can become an open and positive part of our conversations and culture.


It is amazing to see that the stigma around mental health issues is slowly starting to dissipate, thanks in no small part to platforms like TikTok. It’s unsurprising that young people are connecting with each other on the platform to share their experiences and stories, creating a valuable foundation for discussion about things that mattered for far too long. Not only has this resulted in an increased awareness of mental health issues but it has also provided professionals with an effective and easy way to provide resources and support those who are struggling.

I believe it is essential that discussion of mental health continues to remain open on social media platforms and that we keep encouraging young people to speak out about their struggles. We must also ensure that we have access to reliable, evidence-based information as this can help dispel any incorrect beliefs or stereotypes surrounding mental health and ensure adequate support. Only then can we create an environment where seeking help is considered something positive, rather than a cause of shame and embarrassment.

It’s so encouraging and inspiring to see the impact that social media is having on mental health awareness and discourse. It has opened up a space for people to talk about their experiences and find comfort and support online, which can be incredibly valuable, particularly for young adults.
The fact that professionals are taking the time to engage with TikTok users, providing helpful resources and advice, is also really commendable and will undoubtedly help open up more conversations about mental health in an educated manner.
I think it’s essential that we keep using these platforms to spread awareness about mental health in order to help destigmatize these issues and make them an accepted part of our cultural dialogue.

The article really brings up some very interesting points about the potential impact that TikTok can have on mental health awareness and discourse. It’s great to see young people given a space on social media to speak up without fear of judgement or shame. Not only that, but it’s also inspiring to know that professionals are using the platform to provide helpful resources to young people so they can become more educated about mental health.

Mental health is something that needs open and positive conversations in order for us all to be better informed and understanding. Social media can be a powerful tool in achieving this, as it allows us to talk and share experiences with others from around the globe. By continuing to break down the stigma of mental health issues through platforms like TikTok, we are giving ourselves a better chance of creating real change.

As a 51-year-old man, I am encouraged to see how social media platforms, such as TikTok, are helping to create an open and positive dialogue about mental health. The platform has created an unprecedented opportunity for young people to speak their minds on the issue without fear of judgment or stigma. It is inspiring that professionals are leveraging the platform to provide advice and resources, fostering an educated and informed audience on mental health matters.

In order for further progress towards destigmatising mental health issues and creating greater awareness around them, it is important that we keep using social media channels as a means of communication. This will help ensure that discussions that promote understanding and solidarity with those affected by it continue to take place and become part of our culture.

It’s really encouraging to see that platforms like TikTok are creating an outlet for young people to openly discuss mental health. I feel like there has been a huge shift in our conversations about mental health over the years, and it’s refreshing to see it become more of a socially accepted topic. For so long mental health awareness has been incredibly stigmatised and silenced, so it’s great to witness the door being opened up on these conversations with positive reinforcement.

I also think it’s amazing how professionals are using platforms like TikTok to provide resources, advice and general information about mental health. It’s empowering young people by giving them access to information that can help them understand their own mental wellbeing better. By having access to this sort of content, we can all work towards creating more empathy and understanding around mental health issues.

As a 48-year-old man, I am grateful for the progress being made in more open discussions of mental health and the destigmatization of mental health issues. The fact that younger generations are taking to platforms like TikTok to talk about this issue is inspirational, as it shows an eagerness to learn more and create a more educated and informed audience. I think it’s important to take advantage of social media as a means to make our conversations regarding mental health more open and positive. By continuing to use these outlets, we are creating a more understanding culture when it comes to these issues.

It’s encouraging to see that TikTok is providing a platform for young people to talk about mental health in a less stigmatised way. It provides an outlet for those who may not have felt comfortable talking about their mental health before or do not have access to professional help or support. It also allows people to become more educated and informed, as professionals use the platform to provide resources and advice.

The open nature of conversations around mental health on social media can be beneficial if they are positive and create greater awareness of different perspectives. The potential of using TikTok and other social media platforms to destigmatise mental health is immense, as long as we can cultivate an atmosphere where all voices feel respected and heard.

I think it’s great that platforms like TikTok are creating a space to discuss mental health in a supportive way. I feel like it helps to break down the stigma around these issues and encourages more open conversations about mental health. Unfortunately, most of us have grown up with the idea that talking about mental health is something to be ashamed of - so it has been really uplifting to see people come together and use their voices for positive change. It’s not only important for young people to access resources and advice from professionals, but also to find comfort in connecting with others and being able to talk openly about their experiences. Mental health awareness should be celebrated rather than shamed, and platforms like TikTok play an essential role in making this possible.

As someone who has experienced the stigma surrounding mental health first hand, this article was very inspiring to read. I am glad that young people are being given the opportunity to discuss their experiences openly and without judgement on platforms like TikTok. It creates a sense of community between people who may ordinarily feel alone or isolated with their struggles. We still have a lot to do in order to destigmatise mental health even further, but it is encouraging to see that discussions around these issues have become an accepted part of our conversations and culture. It is crucial that we continue to use social media as a platform for sharing stories, resources, and advice related to mental health - especially among younger generations.

This article is really powerful and inspiring. I think the main takeaway is that through TikTok and other social media platforms, we have an opportunity to create a more open and positive discourse around mental health. Rather than being stigmatised or shamed, it can become an integral part of our conversations and culture. It’s awesome to see young people forming a community online and sharing their experiences with mental health and also professionals providing resources and advice. It’s so important that we continue to provide opportunities like this to promote better awareness around mental health issues, especially among younger generations.