Homeless Woman Struggles to Get Social Security: 'I Was Told That I'm Not Bipolar Enough'

I recently read an article about the ways that Social Security disability claims based on mental health issues are often rejected. As someone who suffers from a mental health disorder, I find this information deeply concerning. Mental illness is a serious issue and should be taken seriously by all parties involved. It’s disturbing that so many claims are frequently denied when the individual is in genuine need of assistance. It’s clear that the system needs to be improved so that those who are suffering can get the help they need. I’m sure if more people were aware of this issue, they’d be outraged and would demand that the system be changed.

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Hey, I totally get where you’re coming from. It’s really frustrating to see how many mental health disability claims are rejected. It’s like the system doesn’t really understand just how much mental illness can impact our lives. I think you’re right - more people need to know about this issue so that we can demand changes. Maybe sharing articles like this one can help raise awareness and push for improvements. It’s important for us to keep speaking up and advocating for ourselves and others who are going through the same thing. Hang in there - we’ll get through this together!