Great “Reset”: DeSantis Makes Cringey Joke About Kids With Depression

I recently read an article about Florida Governor DeSantis poking fun at children’s depression during the pandemic. While I understand DeSantis’ frustration with the Great Reset, I believe his comment was insensitive and inappropriate. I’m sure there are many children out there who are struggling with depression due to the lockdowns and the additional stress that comes with it. DeSantis should have been more sensitive to their plight and found a better way to voice his opinion. It’s important to recognize the struggles of those affected by the pandemic and to offer emotional support. DeSantis should take the time to understand the struggles that many families are facing and offer his support instead of making insensitive comments.

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While I can understand Governor DeSantis’ frustration with the situation, his comment was misguided and inappropriate. The children of Florida, and across the United States, are feeling a stronger emotional toll from the lockdowns due to this pandemic than ever before. As adults, we have to put away our differences in opinion and be mindful of how our words can impact those around us – especially vulnerable children who might be struggling with depression.

We should all use this time as an opportunity to listen to each other instead of making comments that perpetuate the already-fraught atmosphere that comes with these trying times. Offering emotional support is one way to make sure that everyone is kept safe during this difficult period. A little kindness will go a long way in ensuring everyone is taken care of as we try to come out of this pandemic strong.