Finding peace after emotional trauma: my story

I remember the darkness, the way it felt unbearable. For so long I was submerged in a pool of emotion, feeling overwhelmed and suffocated. It’s hard to admit this, difficult to recognise how my life had become consumed by the effects of emotional trauma I had experienced.

But there’s an immense power in recognising our darkness for what it is - an opportunity to rise above our demons and to tap into inner strength that we never knew we had. It’s good to remember where you come from, even if it is painful. Looking back on my darkest times pushed me to be better, work harder and helped me develop a new level of appreciation for life.

Slowly but surely I started replacing negativity with positive thoughts which really made a massive difference in helping me find peace within myself again. I began learning about self-care rituals such as mindfulness techniques, journaling and therapeutic conversations which have all been extremely beneficial for my mental well-being over time.

Although accepting healing is never easy or comfortable, it was worth going through each step and facing uncomfortable feelings head on in order to get out the other side a better version of myself with more understanding and compassion for others.

Moving forward today I open myself up to love vibrations from friends, family members and strangers alike; drawing strength through connecting with those around me who understand the struggles of coming out from under emotional trauma unscathed but enlightened too.