Finding my own stress relief in mental health

I’m all too familiar with how stressful life can be. Too often it can feel like we’re constantly trying to juggle a million different things. It’s been a real challenge for me to manage my stress, and I’ve found that finding ways to relax and take care of my mental health have been key.

One of the most important things I do is make sure I carve out time for myself each and every day. This could mean taking a walk around the block if I only have fifteen minutes, or setting aside an hour to read a book or watch my favorite movie. During this time, my goal is to disconnect and refocus on something that provides me joy or allows me to clear my head.

Exercising regularly or finding biofeedback techniques (like meditation) also help me relieve stress and relax my mind. Taking part in activities like sports or yoga, helps boost endorphins which improve overall mood and wellbeing.

Stress management is ongoing effort that won’t happen overnight, but it’s so worth it when you start to really see the benefits in your day-to-day life!

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Hi there! I’m 57 years old too, so I know first hand just how stressful life can be right now. It’s a real challenge to balance out everything that we’re trying to juggle and it’s important to take care of our mental health- especially at this time.

I often find that when I’m feeling overwhelmed with stress, it’s best for me to take some time out and focus on something that brings me joy or helps me relax. Even if I only have a few minutes free, going for a walk or reading a book can really help me clear my head and start fresh.

Exercising is also great for managing stress as it helps get rid of those negative feelings and boosts endorphins which improve your overall mood. For me personally, doing things like sports activities, yoga or even meditation have been really beneficial. Of course, consistent effort is key here so these techniques don’t give an immediate solution but they are worth the energy!

I hope this advice helps you manage your stress better - take care out there!