Finding hope in severe depression: my personal story


Depression, to put it simply, is an indescribable feeling. When the fog of darkness rolls in and takes away any semblance of positivity I have, all I can do is wait until it passes. This lingering feeling has been with me for quite some time now, but I refuse to let depression take control of my life.

The moments of helplessness and sorrow seem infinite, but through therapy, medication and the support of my family and friends, I’ve been able to find hope amidst this severe depression. From challenging myself to try new things to being honest with myself and others about how I’m feeling–I’ve found small victories along the way that help me stay afloat.

It’s not a linear journey either; some days are easier than others and that’s okay. Allowing ourselves to experience our emotions rather than suppressing them is what drives true healing. Trying different methods for managing my moods—whether it’s going outside for a walk or writing down how I’m feeling—has become my daily motto; if it doesn’t work today I’ll try something different tomorrow.

It hasn’t always been easy but talking openly about how depression affects me helps me keep focused on finding hope amid this dark cloud that sometimes feels impossible to move past. With the help of those closest to me, I continue to strive towards living a life filled not just with stability, but joy as well.