Finding Courage in the Midst of PTSD

As a 35-year-old woman dealing with the symptoms of PTSD, it can feel like a constant battle just to get through the day. The flashbacks, the fear, the overwhelming sense of vulnerability - it can all be so consuming. But I’ve come to realize that within me lies a well of courage that I never knew I had. Each day that I face my symptoms head-on and refuse to let them control me, I am tapping into that courage. It’s not easy, and there are certainly setbacks, but I refuse to let PTSD define me. I am seeking help, reaching out to others who understand, and taking small steps towards healing. I want to encourage anyone else struggling with PTSD to hold onto hope and to find that courage within themselves. We are stronger than we realize, and with support, we can overcome the darkness and find light in our lives once again.