Film exploring postpartum depression wins top gongs at BFI Future Film Festival

I recently watched the film “Happy Birthday” which won the Best UK Short Film and BFI Network Audience Award at the BFI Future Film Festival. This film was about a young mother’s experience with postpartum depression, and it really resonated with me. The way the film portrayed the mother’s struggle with this condition was so powerful and honest. It really captured the emotions that come with postpartum depression and the way it can impact the lives of those affected. It also showed how important it is to get the right help and support. I’m so glad that this film is getting recognition, because more awareness needs to be raised around this issue. It’s great to see that we’re making progress in how postpartum depression is portrayed in film and getting the recognition it deserves.


As someone who has witnessed mental health struggles, I am very aware of the huge impact postpartum depression can have. “Happy Birthday” gives an honest and powerful representation of this condition and it’s great to see the film being honoured and recognised. This is a step in the right direction as far as getting more people talking about postpartum depression and helping raise awareness for those struggling with it. It is so important that we continue to work towards increased understanding and support for those affected by this condition, so they can receive the help they need.

As a 50-year-old woman, I found the film “Happy Birthday” to be incredibly powerful and moving. After watching it, it’s easy to see why it won two awards. This movie highlights the effect of postpartum depression on mothers in an honest and authentic way, something that needs to be addressed more within society. It is so important that individuals affected by mental health issues get the help they need. It is great to hear this film has received recognition for its portrayal of postpartum depression and I certainly think more movies should shine a light on mental health struggles within our world.

Having seen this film win the Best UK Short Film and BFI Network Audience Award at the BFI Future Film Festival, I’m inspired by the power of art in raising awareness of mental health issues. The honest portrayal of postpartum depression in “Happy Birthday” was incredible and captured the emotions experienced by those suffering with this condition. It’s a necessary reminder that seeking help and support are highly important for dealing with postpartum depression.

It’s fantastic to see more films tackling mental health issues in such an honest way. I’m sure its recognition will boost more effort in increasing awareness and understanding of postpartum depression, which is something that must be done on a larger scale.