Feeling heightened anxiety with the early bushfire season? Help is available

This article is a timely reminder of the need to stay alert and prepared for the upcoming bushfire season. It is understandable that many people in Australia are feeling anxious about the prospect of more bushfires this season, and it is important that we take steps to manage our anxiety and stay calm.

The article highlights some useful strategies for coping with the anxiety associated with the bushfire season. I particularly like the idea of taking regular time out from worrying about bushfires and focusing on the good things in life. This could involve taking time to relax, doing something enjoyable, or spending time with family and friends.

It’s also important to stay informed about bushfire safety and preparedness, and to have a plan in place for how to respond in the event of an emergency. Doing this will help to relieve some of the anxiety associated with the bushfire season.

By taking responsibility for our own mental health and wellbeing, and being mindful of the strategies outlined in this article, we can better manage our anxiety and stay calm during the bushfire season.