Feeling down - my mental health story

My journey with mental health has been a rollercoaster. Every day I wake up feeling the same sense of heaviness that’s been looming over me for months now. It feels like an anchor around my neck, dragging me further and further away from finding inner peace.

So often, I feel so alone in this battle without a clear-cut solution in sight. I used to think that my sadness would eventually pass, if I just kept busy doing other things, or that maybe I could just will myself out of it and all would be well. But the reality is, sometimes it takes more than that to work through feelings of depression and negativity.

The most important thing I’ve learned is to take ownership of my thoughts and feelings by becoming mindful about what I’m thinking and how it is impacting me emotionally. This includes being gentle with myself on good days and bad days alike, as well as learning when to reach out for help if needed . It’s also essential to surround yourself with people who support your mental health wellbeing. This can often involve calling a friend at moments when you feel overwhelmed or the need to talk to someone outside your own mind.

It hasn’t been easy facing this head on but knowing that there are people ready to listen and that progress towards better mental health doesn’t have to happen overnight has helped give me hope along this journey.