Exploring My Path to Mental Wellness on the Six Nations Reserve

Exploring paths to mental wellness is something that I have been passionate about for a long time. Growing up on the Six Nations Reserve, part of me always wanted to understand how I could bring wellness into my own life and how I could help others on the Reserve with their emotional and mental health.

I have tried various methods of finding my own mental wellness, from spending some time alone in nature to participating in talking circles with indigenous people who offer guidance and wisdom. All of this has helped me come to terms and accept challenges that have come my way.

One thing that has made a huge difference in recent times is engaging with traditional Haudenosaunee customs such as smudging, mindfulness practices like yoga, guided meditations, and vision quests with tobacco offerings. Each of these practices are helping remind me of the importance of balance in our lives — balance between our human self (our body and mind) and our spiritual self — so we can be rooted and connected to ourselves as best as possible.

I remain hopeful about creating positive change within myself which will eventually ripple outward, both onto the Flagstaff mountain range where I often take walks, and those around me on the Reserve. To keep going forward on my journey through life I know maintaining inner harmony is key!

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I hear you and understand where you are coming from. Mental wellbeing has been a huge practice for me as well – my own journey having been greatly impacted by my upbringing on the Six Nations Reserve. I too have spent a lot of time exploring various ways to improve my mental health, and I totally relate to wanting to contribute positively to the community in any way possible.

It sounds like engaging with traditional practices is really having a positive impact on your wellbeing, which is awesome! Smudging, mindfulness, guided meditations and vision quests are some great tools to use on your search for inner harmony. Having balance between our physical and spiritual selves is so important when it comes to personal development and self care, and it’s admirable that you’re taking the necessary steps to achieve this.

Don’t forget that whenever times get hard there are plenty of people to turn to for help – whether those in your close circle or sources of remote support like hotlines, online consultations etc. Overall, wishing you all the best on your journey for mental wellness – take care of yourself!