Exploring My Bipolar Diagnosis

These last couple of months have been a real rollercoaster. After experiencing some drastic shifts in mood, at times feeling like I’m on top of the world and at other times feeling like I could just melt away, I decided to talk to my doctor about it. After a few visits and some testing, we determined that I have bipolar disorder.

At first I felt confused and overwhelmed as to what this all meant for my life going forward. But with the help some counseling and support from family and friends, I’ve been able to start learning more about my diagnosis and discovering ways to manage it.

I’m trying out different approaches such as talking therapies, diet changes, exercise regimens, lifestyle modifications and mindfulness practices. I’m also in touch with my doctor regularly so we can work together to adjust my medication when needed or make other necessary adjustments.

Admittedly there are still days where it feels hard to cope but becoming aware of this disorder has already helped me develop better techniques to manage my symptoms. By exploring and addressing it head-on, hopefully I can continue working through periods of highs and lows in order to maintain balance in the long run.