Electron-phonon coupling, bipolar effect, and thermoelectric performance of the CuSbS2 monolayer

This article presents an interesting study on the use of nanofibers as a promising method of drug delivery. Nanofibers are an attractive option because they are biocompatible and can be tailored to deliver specific drugs. Additionally, they can be used to target specific tissues and organs, making them a promising delivery method.

I think nanofibers show a lot of potential as a drug delivery method and could revolutionize the way drugs are delivered to patients in the future. In addition to being biocompatible, nanofibers also offer the advantage of being able to be tailored to deliver specific drugs, which could make them a more efficient delivery method than traditional routes. I think this study provides an encouraging glimpse into the potential of nanofibers and how they could be used to improve drug delivery in the future.