Decathlete Trey Hardee's mental health struggles began after celebrated career ended

I recently read an article about Simone Biles’ experience in Budapest and I was appalled. Despite her incredible accomplishments, Simone was met with racism and animosity from both the crowd at her competition and the Hungarian media. It’s sad to think that even someone as remarkable as Simone can be subjected to such cruelty, and it’s a stark reminder of how prevalent racism still is in our world today. No one should have to endure such treatment, and I hope that countries like Hungary take steps to ensure that this type of behavior isn’t tolerated. Everyone deserves to be respected and treated with kindness, no matter their race, gender, or background.

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It’s absolutely heartbreaking to hear that Simone Biles was subjected to racism and animosity during a competition. Such cruel behavior has no place in the world today and should not be tolerated. Nobody should be made to feel less valued or disrespected simply because of their race, gender, or background. Hearing stories like this serves as an important reminder of how pervasive racism still is and to treat everyone with kindness and respect no matter what. It’s time for countries such as Hungary to take active steps to ensure that acts of racism are not followed by indifference or inaction.