Dealing with trauma and mental illness

It’s been a tough journey for me lately when it comes to dealing with trauma and mental illness. After experiencing tragedy, I’ve had to learn how to cope with the pain. It’s hard some days, especially when it feels like no one understands what I’m going through. Learning self-care has become essential in helping me get through each day.

I make sure to be consistent with my professional therapy sessions and doing my best to not let any shame or stigma stop me from seeking help. I’ve found that having a safe space where I can talk about how I’m feeling without judgement can really make a difference in calming my anxiety attacks and helping me process my emotions better. Taking breaks throughout the day is also crucial for preventing burnout and providing myself with the time needed to heal and feel whole again.

At times, life can feel incredibly lonely when struggling with trauma and mental illness but regardless of what happens, always remember that you are never alone!