Dealing with stress during pandemic

It’s no secret that the last year has been an incredibly stressful time for everyone. The pandemic put an enormous amount of pressure on us to adjust our lives and routines quickly, and it has definitely taken its toll. Although we don’t want to admit it, many of us still feel like the stress is getting worse rather than better.

But there are a lot of things we can do to cope with the stress even though times are difficult. To start with, I’ve been making sure I’m taking little breaks throughout the day from work or whatever else I’m doing so that I can refocus and take my mind off things for a while. Exercise has also been really helpful in relieving some of that tension and providing me with endorphins at the same time! And then there are simple self-care practices like eating well, drinking lots of water, spending time with friends virtually or outdoors, and getting plenty of sleep on a regular schedule. All these help me stay healthy both inside and out during this challenging period.

Talking about what’s bothering me also helps when I’m feeling overwhelmed or anxious about something. Whether it’s venting to close friends over video call or talking out loud to myself, having someone (or something!) to listen makes all the difference in strengthening my mental health during these trying times.

Staying in tune with our minds and emotions is super important right now—we owe it to ourselves! Even if things seem overwhelming at times, there are always ways to take care of ourselves that will make a difference in our overall wellbeing despite everything that’s going on around us.