Dealing with seasonal depression: my experience

As someone who feels the effects of seasonal depression, I understand how difficult it can be to stay motivated and positive during times when the days are shorter and cooler. It often feels like a battle between my own thoughts and emotions that can leave me feeling drained.

This year especially, I know that I’ve found myself struggling with a sense of heaviness. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to come up with ways to cope, while also recognizing that some changes are out of my control.

I’ve found that setting realistic goals for each day helps give me direction and something to look forward to. Keeping an agenda or planner has also been really helpful at keeping me focused on prioritizing self-care as well as practical tasks.

Practicing gratitude and taking more breaks throughout the day have really made a difference in helping me stay present within the current moment. It’s normal for things to slow down around this time of year which means we should remember it’s still important to be gentle with ourselves now more than ever. Letting yourself rest without guilt is key!

Apart from checking in with yourself, reaching out for support is essential too – whether you prefer self-help books, therapy, or creating a support system through friends or family members! Just knowing that you have people in your corner can make the most difficult moments just a little bit easier to bear.