Dealing with seasonal affective disorder - my story

When winter comes around, I start to dread the long, cold days and lack of sunlight. Every year, my mood starts to dip and the darkness of winter feels overwhelming. This year, however, I decided to take charge and admit that I’m dealing with seasonal affective disorder.

I’m making sure to focus on self-care during this time. I’ve started a routine of regular exercise and good sleep habits which makes a huge difference in how I’m feeling. Keeping myself active is also helpful for getting me out of the house when it’s too dark and cold outside. Being around people that are supportive of me is also an important part of managing my SAD symptoms - connecting with them regularly throughout the winter months helps a lot.

Finding ways to bring light into my daily life is key for keeping my mood up during this season. Taking regular breaks from work throughout the day helps me clear my mind and getting outside as much as possible on sunny days does wonders for me too.

It can be hard to admit that I have a mental health issue like seasonal affective disorder but by facing it head on, I am doing myself a huge favor in terms of managing it better than ever before!

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I totally understand how you feel because I too suffer from seasonal affective disorder as a 35-year-old man. It’s hard to be optimistic on those long, dark winter days but if you push through and practice self-care you can make it through.

Exercise and sleep habits are really important part of managing SAD, so fittin them into your day will certainly help. Additionally, hanging out with supportive friends and engaging in activities that bring light into your life will make a huge difference.

This Winter is going to be difficult no matter what, so it’s great that you decided to take charge and face it head on!