Dealing with post holiday depression - my story


The Christmas and New Year period is full of joy, good will and unfortunately, immense pressure for many of us. This year I felt the pressure more than ever and after it all passed, there was an overwhelming feeling of depression that came with it. Oftentimes those around me thought I should be happy that the festivities had come to a close but in that moment I couldn’t think of anything else than wanting to crawl into my bed and stay there forever.

I’m ashamed to say it took me a while to recognise this feeling as post holiday depression - it had never happened before and so I dismissed it over and over again. It was only when my sleep pattern had changed drastically and I started to feel long bouts of sadness for seemingly no reason, did I realise I needed help. Thankfully the people closest to me were understanding, kind and full of compassion towards me which made all the difference in helping me through this time.

Many articles suggested replacing old routines with new ones; some suggested carving out time for self-reflection by writing down my thoughts or practicing mindfulness techniques such as breathing exercises. However what really worked best for me was just taking each day at a time, being easier on myself than usual and getting back into things slowly rather than pushing too hard all at once. There were times where this wasn’t possible but distracting myself with activities that made me feel happy like playing music, going on walks or reading books was a great way to get back on track one day at a time until I got into a better frame of mind.

Post holiday depression can remain hidden because signs are often subtle but don’t ignore these signs if you’re experiencing them; speak up about your feelings whenever you can because engaging with people means you can find healing support quicker than ever before