Dealing with post breakup depression

Going through a breakup can be an incredibly difficult experience. It can hurt so much that it feels like a physical pain. It can leave you feeling incredibly lonely and isolated, especially if you had really been investing in your relationship with the hope of something more long-term.

As someone who has recently gone through this situation in my own life, post-breakup depression is very real. The pain, sadness and confusion I have felt over the last few months is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Despite being surrounded by family and friends willing to lend support, I have found myself struggling to come up for air; it has felt like an all-consuming pain that no one else could truly understand.

I have had to learn some hard lessons about self-care during this period of my life. Taking breaks from scrolling social media, keeping busy by finding daily activities that make me happy again and cultivating an awareness of when my thoughts become too negative are all things I’m working on right now. On bad days, I remind myself that time will eventually ease the sadness away and keep moving forward — even if progress seems really slow at times.

However you may be dealing with post-breakup depression, please know that you are not alone! Talking about your feelings with those close to you or seeking professional support are both great ways of dealing with the emotions you’re going through right now — everything takes time, but it will get better eventually!


Hey there,

I know how hard it is to try to pick yourself up and move on after a breakup. It can be really difficult when the pain seems so intense and you’re feeling so alone with everything that’s going on.

From my own experience I want to share what has worked for me: Whenever possible, I try to keep myself busy by doing something productive. Whether it’s taking an online course, working out more, reading a good book or just finding ways to stay occupied by being active in some way. Doing this helps distract me from negative thinking and reminds me of all the other things that still bring joy into my life – even if I don’t have a significant other at the moment.

Another thing I do is talk with friends and family who understand where I’m coming from. Being able to open up about what I am going through has been really helpful in making me feel less overwhelmed and isolated when dealing with post-breakup depression. And if those near you aren’t supportive enough or if you need extra help in getting through your emotions, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional therapist or counselor for assistance!

You’ll get through this – allow yourself time