Dealing with pms anxiety: my experience

Dealing with PMS anxiety can be a real struggle. It’s like feeling emotionally overwhelmed for seemingly no reason. It can often manifest itself as an intense and confusing mix of sadness, irritability or fear. I feel it myself sometimes throughout my menstrual cycle—it doesn’t hit every time, but when it does it takes all my strength to not give in and let it control me.

For me, the best way to overcome those anxious feelings is to take a few moments for myself. I like to start by trying some deep breathing exercises whenever the PMS anxiety rears its head—that almost always helps me find a little bit of calmness, even if just temporarily. Other things that help are sleeping or taking some time for exercise such as yoga or a small jog around the block.

It’s important to remember that you are not alone in your struggle with PMS anxiety—many people experience it whether they acknowledge it or not. Try to reach out to your friends and family when it cripples you; you never know who else is feeling similar anxieties and might need someone to connect with about them too! Lastly, never be afraid to seek professional help if needed—mental health should always be taken seriously no matter the cause behind it.