Dealing with pandemic stress

These days, it feels like all of us are dealing with a lot of stress. Not only are we worrying about the health and safety of ourselves and our loved ones, but also about how we can adjust to such a sudden and drastic changes in the world.

I have been trying to stay positive during this time and focus on the things I can control. I try to get plenty of restful sleep every night and make sure that I am eating healthy meals. Exercise has been a great way for me to work out my stress too - even if it’s just doing 15 minutes of yoga or walking around the block. It really helps clear my mind!

I also find myself practicing more mindfulness-based activities like meditation, journaling, or painting as meaningful forms of self-care. They help me stay focused on what is truly important in life instead of getting caught up in worry and fear.

Most importantly though, I have reminded myself to take some time everyday to breathe deeply and be gentle with myself. Reaching out virtually or making phone calls to friends or family members that bring joy is really helpful too as it creates an atmosphere for us to take care of one another in whatever way is necessary!