Dealing with pandemic post traumatic stress

The past year has been difficult for all of us, and with the pandemic still in full effect, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. For me, that’s only intensified the post-traumatic stress I’ve been dealing with. It’s like a blanket of darkness that only gets heavier as time goes on.

It took a lot of strength just to recognize what was going on – that the extra anxiety and fear I was feeling were because of post-trauma response to a harrowing situation. Now I’m doing everything I can to manage it though – therapy, meditation, exercise, journaling – anything productive that takes my thoughts away from how desperately out of control our lives feel right now.

I think self-care is one thing that seems essential in this moment and so often overlooked. There’s no shame in taking time each day both for yourself and for those around you; it makes all the difference when dealing with something like post-traumatic stress. Everyone handles adversity differently but if we recognize our needs and do what we can to support each other, then we’ll come through this stronger than ever before.