Dealing with oversleeping depression

I have been struggling with depression lately. It’s like a fog has come over me, and some mornings I find it very difficult to get out of bed. One of the symptoms is oversleeping, and this just makes my depression worse; when I sleep for too long, it saps my energy and motivation.

I’m trying to find ways to deal with my oversleeping depression. I am making sure to establish a consistent bedtime and wake up time every day - even on weekends! Then I’m challenging myself to stay in bed for 10 more minutes each morning before actually getting up. This might not seem like much, but it helps because by the time those 10 minutes are up, I’m usually so uncomfortable that I have to get moving.

If being in bed doesn’t motivate me enough to get up, then I’ll try some other techniques - listening to music, doing yoga or stretching exercises, or even reading a book (so long as my book isn’t in bed with me!). The goal is also make sure that my bedroom environment is conducive for restful sleep all night through: no blue lights from screens, no eating in bed or studying there either.

It can be hard breaking old habits, but having an end goal of defeating a bad habit will keep me motivated on the path ahead. Just having these little tricks up my sleeve give me the confidence that I can break away from oversleeping depression and take control of my life again!


I completely understand what it’s like to feel drained of energy and motivation during a period of depression. Getting out of bed can seem like an impossible task on some days, so it’s important to collect all the tools we can to make it easier. It sounds like you’re already taking some great steps by establishing a consistent sleep schedule and staying in bed for 10 more minutes each morning - these are small but powerful things that will help you in the long run.

It’s also great that you’ve created an environment conducive to restful sleep - eliminating blue lights from screens, eating in bed, and studying are essential parts of creating good sleeping habits. Finding different activities throughout the day that engage your body and mind can help break this habit as well; listening to music, doing yoga or stretching exercises, or reading a book can serve as productive distractions.

The most important thing is to find the techniques that work for you! Whenever I’m struggling with habits I don’t want anymore, I try my best to focus on the positive end goal rather than just sitting idly and feeling overwhelmed by all the changes I have to make. You can do this too! Believe in yourself, take one step at a time, and before you know it you’ll be

Hey there, don’t worry you’re not alone in your struggle. I also have struggled with depression since I was a young adult and my battle has been an ongoing journey of ups and downs, but it’s totally manageable.

I understand exactly how you feel when it comes to waking up in the morning. Something that helps me is having something to look forward to during the day (even if it’s just a good meal or a pleasant walk). Having a goal or reason to get up in the morning can be incredibly powerful and can help break away from those depressive habits.

It’s also important to restructure your environment so that it allows for better sleep - allowing yourself enough time away from screens, as well as establishing consistent schedules of when you should go to bed and wake up. Once those habits become more natural, the path ahead become much brighter!

If there are ever moments where you’re feeling especially overwhelmed by your depression don’t hesitate to reach out! Chances are many people around you have either gone through similar struggles or are currently going through them with you. No matter what happens, know that you’re not alone - good luck!