Dealing with ocd scrupulosity symptoms: my story

My story with OCD scrupulosity symptoms began about 10 years ago. At first, I did not really know what it was. For me, it felt like constant worry or fear that I was not living up to a certain standard of ‘goodness’ or ‘righteousness.’ As time went on, I was eventually able to recognize and label these impulses as symptoms associated with obsessive compulsive disorder.

What made this condition particularly difficult for me was the difficulty in connecting with others who could relate or understand what I was going through. Despite its name, most people do not tend to associate OCD with religious or moral based compulsions. The feeling of being misunderstood and alone during my journey is something that made it much more challenging to cope with.

I eventually started seeking professional help for my condition, which proved to be life-changing in so many ways. My therapist used cognitive-behavioral therapy and other specific techniques to help me challenge some of the unhealthy thoughts associated with my scrupulosity symptoms. With hard work and patience, I have been able to make incredible progress in coping with them over time.

Despite still having days (or moments) where my OCD comes into play, monitoring my mental health on a daily basis and using self-care techniques has become easier over the years! Taking control of your own well-being often feels like a daunting task at first; however, the reward is completely worth it in the end.

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