Dealing with ocd my story

I recently discovered that I’m dealing with OCD. It was a huge surprise for me and it’s really been hard to work through. I’m doing my best though, and learning how to manage the intrusive thoughts better every day.

One thing that has really helped is talking openly about my experience. In the past, I felt like I had to keep everything inside; like there was some shame or embarrassment around having OCD. But when I started reaching out, both online and in person, I realized that many other people shared similar experiences and struggles. Finding this support network has been so empowering!

Another thing that’s helping me cope is focusing on what brings joy to my life and making an effort to get out of my comfort zone. Whether it’s listening to podcasts or taking a yoga class, having activities that give me a sense of accomplishment help me push back against the feelings of anxiety and hopelessness that come with OCD.

It hasn’t been easy by any means but recognizing OCD for what it is has made all the difference for me. Through talking about it openly, pursuing avenues of healing, and engaging in activities that bring meaning and purpose, I am finding balance and creating space in my life to live well despite living with this challenge – which has given me hope along this journey.


Hi there,

I’m so glad to hear that you have been able to reach out and find support! As a 56-year-old man with experience dealing with OCD, I am aware of how daunting it can be at first. It can often feel like you are alone, but knowing that there are people out there who understand is an incredible source of strength.

The fact that you have been focusing on what brings joy into your life and doing things outside your comfort zone is really commendable. Finding activities that bring us a sense of accomplishment often provides the motivation we need to fight against intrusive thoughts and anxiousness.

Living with OCD can put a strain on our lives, but finding balance has enabled me to create more moments of serenity in my life. Learning how to manage the condition in day-to-day life has given me perspective and hope for my future. Keep up the good work!

Hi! I can definitely relate to your experience of having to keep things inside before and feeling like there is some shame in having OCD. That’s something that has been a difficult reality for so many people living with mental health issues, but I’m glad you have been able to find supportive people in person and online who have similar experiences.

The fact that you are focusing on activities that bring you joy and getting out of your comfort zone is really commendable - it’s important both for our overall wellbeing, but also as a way to confront the anxieties associated with OCD. Pursuing meaningful activities can be incredibly empowering - it has certainly been that way for me.

I understand what it’s like coming face-to-face with an unexpected challenge, and I want you to know that while there will be days where it may seem too hard to carry on, it is possible not only to manage the symptoms of OCD but also live well even with this condition. So stay strong and hold on tight – I believe you can find balance and create space to live despite any challenges.

It’s really great to hear that you’re finding ways to manage your OCD and finding support through talking openly about your experience. I can totally relate to the feeling of shame or embarrassment that often comes with mental health challenges, but finding a supportive community can truly make a world of difference. I’ve also found that focusing on meaningful activities and stepping out of my comfort zone has been helpful in coping with OCD. It’s not easy, but recognizing the impact of OCD and actively working towards managing it has been key for me too. Keep up the great work, and know that you’re not alone in this!