Dealing with obsessive disorder symptoms - my story

I was never familiar with obsessive disorder until I started to experience symptoms in my everyday life recently. It began as minor repetition such as repeating certain phrases or movements, but these soon progressed into more extreme behaviors and thoughts. I recall one particular incident where I was so entrenched in a cycle of obsessive thinking and behavior that I was unable to properly take care of myself.

The severity of the symptoms overwhelmed me, and it felt like it was impossible for me to do anything about them. Little did I know that even the smallest effort, such as confiding in friends and loved ones, can have a powerful impact on reducing intrusive symptoms. It is all too common to feel ashamed or embarrassed about these experiences, but talking openly with people who are willing to listen made all the difference for me.

It’s not easy, but over time I found ways of managing intense symptoms in healthy ways instead of turning further inward to avoid dealing with them. This could be through journaling my emotions out on paper or trying some deep breathing exercises if feeling anxious gets overwhelming. Doing something physical like yoga or going out for a walk can also help distract from recurrent thoughts and bring some relief between episodes.

My journey is far from over but learning how to work through my experiences has been the toughest yet most rewarding challenges I’ve ever faced. It would be wrong to think this battle will end quickly - recovery brings its own unique set of challenges - but I am determined to see things through one step at a time no matter how hard it gets!