Dealing with mental health anxiety and anger - my story

Lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by my mental health. It’s like a never-ending cycle of anxiety and anger that can be hard to manage sometimes. Some days I just don’t feel like getting up or doing anything, but other days I can hardly contain my emotions due to excessive stress.

I know that it is important to deal with these feelings in healthy ways, so I’ve tried to take some proactive steps. For example, I made sure to book regular checkups with my physician so they can track any changes in my mental health. In addition, I’ve also been learning about mindfulness and have tried incorporating it into my daily routine. It helps me focus on the present moment and practice being aware of how my body is feeling which allows me to recognize if something is off.

Just talking about it with someone close can really help too, because you can be honest about what you’re going through without any judgement. This kind of open conversation has allowed me to better understand why my anxiety is there and how best to cope with it when things start spiraling out of control. Overall, finding the best strategies for taking care of myself has helped me manage my mental health more effectively which makes going through the motions easier each day!