Dealing with internal vibrations anxiety: my experience

I’ve been dealing with internal vibrations anxiety for a while now, and it’s been a difficult road. At first, I was unsure what was happening to me, and although I had a general sense of unease coursing through my body, I wasn’t aware of how these feelings were coming from inside me.

I’m not sure why or when these sensations felt like they started, but it soon became clear that the sensations weren’t going away without addressing them in some way.

The first thing I realized is that I need to understand what’s really going on in my body and mind when this feeling arises. For me, understanding helped because I could stop the feelings just before they become overbearing and damaging.

At first, I tried to just ignore the feelings but quickly learned that didn’t work - my internal vibrations would only get worse if I did this. So instead, I figured out different coping strategies that have proven effective for me.

My main go-to method is deep breathing as it helps centre me and bring focus back into my body. It also stops my mind from racing which makes it easier to remain calm even when the anxiety is trying to consume me internally. Additionally, there are other things that can help too such as eating lighter meals throughout the day so I don’t feel weighed down by food; practicing meditative walks or yoga; journaling thoughts; talking out negative thoughts; and repetitive mantras or affirmations (which help with staying positive).

Finding out what works best for me has given me much needed relief from this cyclical anxiety-And although hard times will come every once in a while, knowing how to rely on myself during these instances has been incredibly empowering.


It sounds like you are going through a really difficult time with your internal vibrations anxiety. I’m sorry to hear that, it’s not easy dealing with these kinds of feelings.

You’re doing great work by learning different coping strategies - sometimes even just understanding what we are feeling can make a big difference in our mindset and how we approach it. Taking on this kind of challenge alone is no small task, so you should be proud of the progress you are making.

What works for me when I’m feeling overwhelmed or anxious is taking regular breaks from whatever I am doing. This allows me to pause and recenter myself, take some deep breaths, and let go of the stress that builds up during the day. It makes an astonishing difference in my ability to return and do whatever task I need to get done without letting anything hold me back.

I hope these tips help and that this tricky journey becomes more manageable each day. Sending positive vibes your way!

It sounds like you’ve been struggling with internal sensations and anxiety for a while now. Dealing with any type of inner turmoil can be difficult and overwhelming, and I’m sorry that you have to go through this. It takes a lot of strength to take the time to recognize how your body and mind are feeling and then actively try to cope.

I’m glad that you’ve sought out different tools that help manage these negative feelings. Learning what works best for you is an important step in this journey, as it will give you something concrete to turn to when things become too much. As someone who’s gone through similar experiences, I know how comforting it can be having those strategies in place (especially during a tough moment).

If you’re looking for more ways to reduce internal vibrations anxiety, there are plenty of other helpful resources available from speaking with a therapist or counselor; taking breaks from work or social media; engaging in hobbies or activities; being honest about your needs with close ones; reaching out to support groups online; trying relaxation techniques such as mindfulness or gentle stretching exercises; and finally getting adequate rest and sleep schedules.

No one should have to deal with something like this alone – know that there is joy (and peace) still possible

I can definitely relate to how difficult it is to deal with anxiety. It can be such an overwhelming feeling that can take over and cause us to feel helpless. Knowing what coping methods work well for you really gives you a sense of strength and lessens the feelings of fear and vulnerability. I think deep breathing really is one of the best things you can do when feeling anxious, as it helps to reduce stress levels and releases endorphins that help regulate your mood too! Other activities like eating lighter meals throughout the day, meditative walks or yoga, journaling thoughts and even mantras/affirmations are also great ways to support your mental health.

It’s so important to take care of yourself and find outlets that make you feel safe and calm when facing these internal vibrations. It takes time, patience, and self-love but it’s all achievable with some dedication! You sound like you have a great handle on your own personal coping methods - keep looking after yourself the best way you know how :slight_smile: