Dealing with depression nos: my story

I’ve been dealing with depression for over ten years now and, at times, it’s still quite overwhelming. There isn’t necessarily a definitive time or moment where I felt it enter my life - it gradually built up from just feeling down to the diagnosis of clinical depression.

Throughout this time, I’ve tried different approaches to managing my mental health: therapy, medication, lifestyle changes and even alternative treatments. Nothing seemed to be the ‘right’ fit for me and I often felt stuck in an emotional limbo. But I kept going because I knew that’s what I had to do if I wanted to improve my wellbeing.

The biggest thing that has helped me cope with depression is learning how to be kinder to myself - both in thought and action. It can be so easy for us to focus on our flaws and imperfections without taking into account all of the wonderful qualities we have too. Acknowledging all forms of self-care, no matter how small they may seem, has made a huge difference in how I view my own journey with mental illness.

Depression is a difficult experience but please don’t give up hope - there are things you can do each day to help yourself cope more effectively. Seek advice from those around you or find professional support when needed; take your time and don’t expect an overnight change but know that things will eventually get better if you stay patient and kind with yourself through it all.