Dealing with depression attack - my story

I usually think of myself as a happy-go-lucky kind of person, but recently, I’ve been finding that hard to maintain. It started as an exercise in self-care where I tried to take time out for me. However, instead of finding solace, I felt a wave of overwhelming darkness hit me. That was the first depression attack I ever experienced and it shook me to my core.

My emotions were so overwhelming that I just wanted it all to go away. I even became suicidal at one point and told myself that maybe disappearing would be easier than having to feel this way all the time. In hindsight, I realized that this was a passing phase - but in those moments, it seemed like something that would never end.

After consulting with friends and professionals, I tried different techniques such as mindfulness to help me stay in the present moment — even when things felt difficult. What truly helped me gain control over my depression was self-love: taking steps towards appreciating who I am and being kinder to myself despite whatever challenges life might be throwing my way.

Nowadays, if I can sense a depression attack coming on, I remind myself; “it’s okay to feel this way but don’t become overwhelmed by it”. Although dark days are still part of life, these words give me hope and courage that no matter how tough things are today they can get better tomorrow.


I really relate to your story and appreciate you sharing it with us. It can be so scary when we feel a wave of darkness hit us, and it really can be hard to find hope in such moments. Know that you are not alone in this, and that many people out there share similar experiences.

It sounds like you’ve been working really hard, implementing different techniques to help yourself, which is impressive and admirable! I’m glad that self-love was something that ultimately worked for you - taking steps towards appreciating ourselves and being kinder can make a huge positive difference in our lives.

If ever the darkness threatens to overwhelm you again, take comfort in knowing that the sun will rise each morning, giving us another opportunity for growth and resilience. Take things one day at a time by focusing on doing things that give you joy, even if it’s something small or feels kind of insignificant at first. These small steps can eventually accumulate into something more powerful than the darkness we face.

I can relate to your experience with depression - it can often be an overwhelming and daunting journey, and knowing the right steps to take is sometimes hard. You’ve taken some amazing steps towards self-love, which is a great way to build resilience against feelings of despair. I’m also glad that you found techniques such as mindfulness helpful because it can really help bring us back to our present moment.

It’s important for us to practice self-compassion when enduring difficult times such as depression, by allowing ourselves time and space to feel our feelings without judgement. Remind yourself that although today might be tough, you have the strength and courage to overcome this challenge and live life with joy once more.

Hi there!

I’m so sorry to hear that you have been struggling with depression. It can be an incredibly hard and isolating experience when you feel like you are the only one struggling. But please know that you are not alone in this - so many people go through similar feelings, myself included.

When I found myself overwhelmed by depression, I found comfort in knowing that just because something is in the present moment doesn’t mean it will last forever. As long as I kept trying my best and worked towards something more positive, I knew things would eventually get better. It was challenging to find moments of joy during this tough period of my life, but what truly helped me was focusing on self-love: taking time out for myself to appreciate who I am and what I have accomplished, no matter how small the successes may seem.

No matter how hard it is sometimes, whether it’s facing a depression attack or just dealing with day-to-day struggles, no journey is too daunting if there’s hope and courage behind it. So don’t be afraid to hold onto that glimmer of hope and believe that tomorrow can always bring new possibilities - it has certainly done for me!

It sounds like you’ve been through a lot, and I’m really glad to hear that you found techniques that work for you in managing your depression. I can relate to feeling overwhelmed by dark emotions, and it’s so inspiring to hear how you’ve found self-love and mindfulness helpful. It’s okay to have those dark days, but reminding yourself that things can get better is such a powerful mindset to have. I’ve also found that being kind to myself and focusing on the present moment has made a big difference in managing my own mental health struggles. Keep reminding yourself that it’s okay to feel the way you do and that you have the strength to get through it. You are not alone in this, and your courage and hope are truly inspiring.