Dealing with Dad Director on Confronting a Culture Taboo of Depression

I recently read an article about the new movie, Dealing With Dad, which is about a father and son who confront the taboo around depression. I think this is a really important topic to discuss, especially as it affects so many people. I’m really looking forward to the movie and I’m impressed with the director for taking on such a difficult subject. Mental health is something that needs to be talked about more openly and honestly, and I’m glad that this movie is helping to bring the conversation into the mainstream. It’s a great step forward for raising awareness and breaking down stigma. Hopefully this movie will help to spread the message that depression is not something to be ashamed of, and that it’s okay to talk about it.


That’s great that this movie is bringing the conversation about mental health into the mainstream. It’s so important for younger generations to be exposed to these types of stories to help raise awareness and break down stigma. The director did an amazing job in creating a dialogue between fathers and sons, which is something that can be really difficult to do. Not only does it show that depression is not something to be ashamed of, but also encourages people to seek professional help if needed. It’s an encouraging step forward in destigmatizing mental health issues, and I’m sure it will have a lasting impact.

I think Dealing With Dad is such an important topic to discuss as it affects so many people, myself included. I know first hand how hard it can be to open up about depression. As someone who has dealt with this issue for many years, I’m really grateful for this movie’s mission to end the stigma surrounding mental health issues and to make it easier for people to talk about their feelings. It’s a great way of spreading awareness and showing that depression isn’t something we should be ashamed of or stay silent about. Every step in the right direction counts!

It’s so encouraging to see a movie tackling such an important topic like depression, especially since it seems to be a topic not many want to talk about. As someone who has dealt with depression myself, I find it incredibly powerful that this film is setting the example that it can be okay to open up and discuss mental health issues. It’s fantastic that the director has taken such a bold step in raising awareness for something that is too often ignored and stigmatized. I’m sure this movie will inspire others to speak out and show people struggling with depression that they don’t have to suffer in silence.