Dealing with constant worry: my story

For most of my adult life I have struggled with confronting the constant worry in my mind. After years of uncomfortable feelings and debilitating thoughts, I finally realized that I needed to take action and find a way to control it.

I began by making a list of my worries and anxieties. Writing them down was extremely helpful in helping me figure out what my biggest fears were and what I could do to overcome them. For instance, one of my biggest concerns was always being the target of criticism, so I started trying to surround myself with others who were understanding and supportive.

With progress comes challenges, though, and I soon found myself feeling anxious even when there weren’t any specific worries or reasons for me to feel so on edge. That’s when I decided to start exploring tactics that promote relaxation such as deep breathing exercises and guided meditation. It took some time, but through consistent practice I learned how to quiet my mind and maintain a peaceful attitude throughout everyday stressors.

Nowadays, when bouts of worry plague me more than usual, I’ve got tools at my disposal that can help me manage it better than before—and it has improved the quality of my life significantly! Although anxiety will never fully disappear from our lives, making sure that we are taking time for self-care is key for managing these overwhelming feelings with grace.