Dealing with compulsive outrage disorder

Lately, I’ve been struggling with something called compulsive outrage disorder. Basically, it’s an urge to get “worked up” over certain situations or small issues that really shouldn’t be a big deal. Unfortunately, this kind of response can lead to escalating stress levels and sometimes even full-blown panic attacks.

I know that the first step is recognizing the issue at hand, so here I am. I’m determined to manage my emotions better and take back control of my reactions to stressful situations, both online and in person.

I’m looking into different techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy as well as mindfulness and meditation to help me cope when I feel overwhelmed. Additionally, I’m working on being more present in the moment and not letting myself get carried away with outrage or anxiety.

This journey isn’t easy but I refuse to let compulsive outrage disorder define who I am or how I respond in tough moments. Ultimately, learning how to gain control over my emotions will be an incredible gift for myself and those around me - I’m worth the effort!