Dealing with chronic throat clearing anxiety

I’ve been struggling with chronic throat clearing anxiety for a while now and it’s really been wearing me down. It can be debilitating at times, leaving me feeling anxious and hopeless. I know the feeling of needing to clear my throat every few minutes, even when nothing is there, as if it will help relieve some of the anxiety I’m feeling. It’s frustrating because no matter how much I try to reason with myself or talk myself out of it, the urge usually remains.

I’ve looked into different treatments that could help me manage the anxiety and the throat clearing better – diet changes, mindfulness meditation, CBT etc – but so far they haven’t worked miracles. Right now my strategy is to take breaks when needed and to do some breathing exercises whenever possible; fortunately these techniques seem to help me stay calm during difficult moments and less prone to constant throat clearing.

It’s tiring dealing with this on a daily basis but I just have to take it one day at a time. With support from friends and family members as well as a bit of self-care, I know I can manage this better over time.