Dealing with cheating and ptsd - my story

For years, I had believed my relationship with my partner was healthy and happy. After all, we could rely on each other and trust one another implicitly - or so I thought. Then things changed when I discovered the devastating truth: my partner had been cheating on me. Dealing with this betrayal was horrendous, but it wasn’t until later that I faced up to how much it had truly affected me; from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to anxiety and depression.

I initially tried to cope by carrying on as best as I can, trying not to pay any attention to how much my mental health was deteriorating. But after hitting several lows in a short amount of time, I was finally forced to acknowledge that this had become bigger than me and needed professional help if I ever hoped to be able to move forward with my life again.

Therapy has been life-saving for me since then. Of course it hasn’t been easy as overcoming trauma – especially such a traumatic betrayal - never is, but therapy gave me the tools and support system for healing. Through counselling, I’ve learned practical techniques that have enabled me to develop healthier coping mechanisms for future challenges . This experience has even made my relationship with myself stronger than before broken trust of another human being shook it in the first place.

We all go through hard times in life but learning how to cope can make us even better versions of ourselves afterwards. There’s no shame in asking for help when you need it - even though I knew that already deep down inside, seeing it confirmed proved invaluable for taking steps towards recovery from PTSD which arose from the cheating incident directed towards me.