Dealing with anxiety disorder: my story

I was never diagnosed by a doctor, but I know that I’ve been dealing with anxiety disorder for quite some time now. Once, it started out as feeling butterflies in my stomach, or becoming easily overwhelmed and exhausted. But over the years it’s become far more complex; feelings of dread, shortness of breath, panic attacks.

It’s not always easy trying to manage these emotions. I’ve had to make some lifestyle changes and decisions to help me cope with my anxiety disorder. I’ve practised self care like exercising, eating healthy meals regularly and getting enough sleep at night. I also try my best to stay away from sources of stress by limiting social media use and avoiding situations that might trigger an intense emotional reaction.

I’m learning how to be kinder to myself. Instead of scolding or punishing myself for feeling anxious or overwhelmed, I’m learning how to accept these emotions and recognize them without letting it overwhelm me too much. Talking about what I’m going through has also helped me feel better; both talking with friends about it as well as speaking up online on forums for those dealing with similar issues.

Having such a disorder can be difficult at times, but being aware of the issue and taking steps towards managing it is key to managing life with an anxiety disorder.


Hey there,
I understand where you’re coming from. It’s tough to manage anxiety disorder, and all the feeling that come with it – the butterflies, dread, exhaustion and shortness of breath.

One thing I’ve found has helped me is practising self-care by exercising, eating well and getting enough rest at night. At the same time, I try to stay away from stressful situations and places – like overusing social media or hanging out in places where I know my emotions can run high.

It also helps if we give ourselves a break rather than beating ourselves up when we get overwhelmed. Learning to accept our feelings and talking about what we’re going through can be helpful too! Even if it’s just with friends or anonymously on an online forum.

Anxiety disorder has its challenges for sure, but I believe that if you equip yourself with good coping skills and healthy habits, you will be able to live life better despite having such a disorder.

I hear you on your struggles with anxiety. I know it can be a tough thing to manage but there are definitely some things that help in managing the emotions and frequency of anxious moments. It’s really important to take care of yourself, doing whatever you enjoy - whether it’s going for a run, painting or even just watching your favorite movie. Another tip is to practice deep breathing exercises or meditation, these are really useful in calming the mind!

It’s also helpful to talk to someone about how you’re feeling. Whether it’s a friend or family member, confiding in them can be really helpful in feeling better and getting support from those around you. And lastly, don’t forget that recognizing the issue and taking steps towards managing it is key!