Dealing with anxiety and panic attacks: my story

I’ve been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks for many years now. It’s something that can come on suddenly, and when it does, it’s completely overwhelming. It can make me feel like my heart is racing a million miles an hour and like I’m losing my breath, almost to the point of choking. It’s often accompanied by an obsessive mindset where I start fixating on certain thoughts or fears.

At first I tried to take some over the counter medications to cope with these feelings. Unfortunately this was only a temporary relief, as the underlying cause was still present, and often not addressed until much later in my life.

Over time however I’ve learned how to manage these moments without depending on medication. I focus on creating mindful moments that allow me to be present in the moment instead of living in fear of what could happen next. Sometimes this means something as simple as taking a few deep breaths, while other times I’ll use positive affirmations or visualization techniques to relax my body and mind.

It’s also important for me to have a support system around me during these difficult moments, whether that be friends or family who are willing to just listen and provide comfort without judgement, or professionals such as counsellors or therapists who know how best to approach things that may be causing these reactions.

I’m still learning new ways to take care of myself during anxious moments but one thing has been made abundantly clear: it’s ok if things don’t feel ok all the time - no journey towards better mental health is ever perfect!