Coping with schizophrenia and substance use

The last few years have been a difficult journey. After being diagnosed with schizophrenia and dealing with addiction to alcohol, it’s been hard to stay afloat. The challenge of tackling both issues at the same time has been huge, and my mental health has suffered in consequence. But, I am determined to get better which is why I have made a decision to confront them both head-on.

I know that this means making some big changes in my life so I’m focusing on developing coping strategies that will help me manage both schizophrenia and substance use. This includes finding reliable support networks, therapy options, mindfulness practices, medication management strategies and other outlets for my energy – all of which can provide structure for day-to-day life and help both issues become more manageable.

After all the ups and downs of this journey, I’m still learning how to take care of myself and be patient with myself during the process. It’s an incredible challenge but despite any setbacks or relapses that happen along the way, I’m focused on believing in myself and slowly working towards stability in my life. All these things have helped me make progress towards going out into the world again knowing that I can do it while managing both schizophrenia and substance use recovery.