Caffeine anxiety - my personal experience

I’m no stranger to caffeine anxiety. As someone who depends on their morning cup of coffee, I have definitely experienced feelings of restlessness and irritability after ingesting too much coffee. It’s a feeling that creeps up slowly as your body starts to become overwhelmed by the stimulant.

At first, I thought it was just my imagination; however, after tracking my caffeine consumption more closely, it became very clear that too much of a good thing can quickly transform into something unpleasant. Even though I start off enjoying the energy and alertness provided by coffee in the morning, after a certain point, I start feeling increasing jittery and anxious. It’s like my body is telling me “enough is enough!”

The best way for me to avoid such situations is simple: moderation. I know now that when it comes to caffeine, less is often the best option. Instead of having multiple servings every day, I try to limit myself to just one cup in the morning. This way, I still get all the benefits without risking over stimulating my system or inducing anxiety later in the day.


I totally understand what you’re going through - I’m definitely in the same boat. Too much caffeine can really wreak havoc on our bodies, making us feel jittery and anxious when it starts to become too much.

It’s taken me many years of trial and error to discover the best way for me personally to avoid those feelings: moderation. I learned that the hard way, but sometimes it takes pushing our limits to really get an understanding of what our body can handle.

By limiting myself to just one cup of coffee in the morning I’m still able to reap all the benefits that caffeine provides while also avoiding that uncomfortable feeling of restlessness and irritability. It’s about finding your own balance so that you can enjoy your morning cup without feeling overwhelmed or having it interfere with your day-to-day life.

I can relate to this! I love my morning cup of coffee and have definitely felt the effects of caffeine overload. It can be tempting to go for that second or third cup, but knowing my limits has been a lifesaver. I find it’s best to stop at one serving; that way, I get all the alertness and energy boost without the anxiety or jittery feeling later on. Moderation truly is key!