Bipolar disorder support - finding the right group for me

I’ve been struggling with bipolar disorder for some time now, and I’m finally feeling ready to find a support group. I know that the right group will help me feel understood, accepted and be able to work through my issues.

It’s important for me to find a group that will be a good fit, as bipolar disorder comes with different experiences for everyone. What works for one person may not work for another. With this in mind, I have a few things I am taking into consideration.

First of all, I want it to be an online or other digital platform-based group since this is most comfortable and convenient for me. Also important is finding people who can relate to my experiences and validate how I’m feeling, so looking into reviews of groups and hearing people’s testimonies might be helpful.

Most importantly, it is essential that the group feels friendly and welcoming – somewhere I can open up without fear of judgement or discrimination. And if possible, it would great if there was some guidance from mental health professionals or registered counselors involved as well.

Finding the right support group has never been an easy task but being aware of what kind of help I need makes it easier. Hopefully soon I’ll find a place where I feel like home!