After daughter's suicide, this Ontario mom wants caregivers alerted when loved ones get mental health meds

I recently read an article about Madisyn Solomon, a brave girl whose life was tragically lost to depression. It’s heartbreaking to think about the devastating impact mental illness can have on someone’s life. This is why I think Madi’s Law is such an important cause. Madi’s Law aims to make mental health education mandatory in schools, in order to help young people learn the signs of mental illness and how to cope with it. I think this is an incredibly important step in the right direction. Mental health is something that we should all be aware of, and having an education around it in schools will help to ensure that young people are educated and informed on the subject. I think this is a great initiative, and I hope it will help to reduce the stigma around mental illness and make it easier for people to get the help that they need.


It is absolutely heartbreaking to see how mental health issues have taken such a toll on Madisyn’s life and many other people’s lives. It’s clear that we need to do more to support those struggling with mental illness, which is why Madi’s Law is such an essential cause. We all need to be aware of the signs of mental illness and understand how to get help. Having mandatory mental health education in schools helps to create awareness and understanding, which can arm young people with the knowledge they need if they ever find themselves in a crisis.

Furthermore, I think it is incredibly important for us as a society to work together towards reducing the stigma around mental illness so that people know that it’s safe for them to reach out and get the help they need without being afraid of judgement or criticism. Supporting initiatives like Madi’s Law can go a long way in helping break this stigma and creating more acceptance around conversations about mental health.

At 33 years old, I can certainly relate to Madisyn Solomon’s story and the devastating impact mental health illness can have on someone’s life. Having more education around mental health in schools could be a great tool in helping our younger generations become aware of the signs of mental illness and how they can cope with it.

Making sure that proper treatment is available for those struggling with depression and other mental illnesses is key. If Madi’s Law helps to reduce any stigma attached to discussing mental health, or even make it easier for somebody to get treatment, then I think this cause should definitely be supported. It is important that everyone feels like they have access to understanding, discussion and help when it comes to their own mental health - from children in school right up through adulthood.

Mental health is one of the most important issues facing our society today. It’s incredibly sad when someone’s life is lost to mental illness, as Madisyn Solomon’s was. This is why initiatives like Madi’s Law are so important - by creating mandatory mental health training in schools, we can help more young people identify and cope with any mental health issues they may be experiencing. Learning signs of mental health from an early age will equip children and young people with the necessary skills to recognize and respond if they ever need support. Furthermore, we must also continue to work to reduce stigma surrounding mental illness and make it easier for those affected to receive treatment for their condition.

It’s very sad to hear of Madisyn Solomon’s story and her life cut short due to depression. It’s clear that this is an important issue that society needs to tackle, which is why I believe initiatives such as Madi’s

As a 21-year-old, I was saddened and moved by Madisyn Solomon’s story. It is absolutely heartbreaking to know that mental illness can have such a profound and devastating effect on someone’s life, but also inspiring to see the legacy she has left behind with the introduction of Madi’s Law. Having mental health education included in schools is no doubt an incredibly important step towards helping young people become more aware of the signs of mental illness and how to cope with it. Having the proper knowledge available is an invaluable tool, and having this information presented at school is one step in ensuring its accessibility.

I want to thank all those involved who are making Madi’s Law become a reality. Working together to remove the stigma surrounding mental health is a critical part of moving forward and helping others access support when necessary - Madisyn Solomon’s story reminds us of how powerful our understanding of these issues can be.

It is clear that Madi’s Law is a very important cause. Most people who suffer from mental health issues often do not recognize the signs and don’t get the help they need until it is too late. That is why education around the subject in schools can play such a crucial role in increasing awareness on such topics.

If we can help our future generations become aware of mental health signifiers and how to start discussing things like depression, anxiety, etc in an appropriate manner, then I believe that more people will be able to receive the help they need earlier on in life. This kind of information can be even more valuable when paired with resources for those suffering from these issues.

In honour of Madisyn Solomon, I am proud to see this kind of initiative taking place. We owe it to Madi and other individuals affected by mental illness to make sure that this law gets passed so that young people have access to the information and resources they need to start conversations about mental health and well-being.

I completely agree with you, mental health education is so important, especially for young people. It’s heartbreaking to hear about Madisyn’s story, but I’m glad to see that there are initiatives like Madi’s Law being put in place to try and make a positive change. I think educating young people about mental health could really make a difference in reducing the stigma and helping people get the support they need. I hope that more schools will start to implement programs like this, so that students can learn about mental health and how to take care of their own wellbeing. It’s a step in the right direction, and I really hope it helps to make a difference for future generations. Thanks for sharing this important cause.