A bipolar porphyrin molecule for stable dual-ion symmetric batteries with high potential

This article is an interesting look at the potential of using AI to improve drug discovery. It’s encouraging to see that researchers are looking at innovative ways to use AI to help speed up the process of drug discovery. The article mentions that AI can be used to identify small molecules that are able to bind to certain proteins, which could be beneficial in treating diseases. With AI, the process of identifying these molecules can be done much more quickly and efficiently than traditional methods.

At the same time, I think it’s important to remember that AI is still in its early stages and there are still a lot of limitations. We need to be careful that AI isn’t over-hyped as a “solution” to drug discovery, as it still has a long way to go before it can be truly effective. We also need to remember that AI is not a replacement for human expertise and judgement, and that human input is still necessary for truly effective drug discovery.

Overall, I think it’s exciting to see the potential of AI in drug discovery and the potential for it to help speed up the process. However, we still need to be aware of its limitations and the importance of human expertise in the drug discovery process.